Clinical Year


A PA student from TriCities PA Program scrubs in to a case.

Rotations are your first taste of PA life in a clinical setting. Below are some links and book recommendations collected from PA students around the country. Feel free to share your favorite clinical rotation resources with us.

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General Rotation Info

The Turkey Book is a great resource for your general rotations and some specialties. Get help with your SOAP notes and admission orders on this site.

PA-Rx is a AAPA member-only benefit that brings PA resources to you – all in one place – free and easy to access. Over 21,000 point-of-care resources are available along with a free e-prescribing service for AAPA members.

The Bolus is an open-source, free online level-appropriate resource for healthcare students with the mission to promote self-education, self-expression, and political action in students who are motivated in pursuing a higher degree of excellence in their education. The website includes health & medical news, new research & findings, evidence-based clinical medicine, updates, opinions, reflections, letters, and a calendar of national events for students.

Surgery Rotation

  1. Essentials of General Surgery ($50)
  2. Surgical Recall [Series] ($45-50)

Emergency Medicine Rotation

  1. Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine
  2. Blueprints: Emergency Medicine
  3. Atlas of Emergency Medicine

OB/GYN Rotation

  1. Blueprints: OB/GYN ($35-40)
  2. Case Files: OB/GYN ($25-30)
  3. Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility (Great pocket guide) ($15)

Family Medicine Rotation

Internal Medicine

  1. BB pocket cards app, set of all pocket cards for 19.99
  2. Sanford guide to antimicrobial therapy
  3. ICD9 consult
  4. Medical eponyms
  1. Medicine Recall
  2. Mass handbook
  3. Maxwell Quick Medical Reference
  4. Mosby’s pocket lab medicine
  5. Tarascon Pharmacopoeia

Pediatrics Rotation

  1. Blueprints: Pediatrics
  2. Harriet Lane Handbook

Psych Rotation

  1. First Aid for the Psychiatry Clerkship
  2. Blueprints Psychiatry
  3. Case Files: Psychiatry
  4. Clinical Psychiatry Essentials

Specialty/Elective Rotations

Other Reference Resources