First of all, I would like to to introduce myself as your new editor of PA Student Essentials.  My name is Annie Mullin, and I am a student at the Union College PA Program in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I currently serve as the president of our student society at Union College, and was also just elected to be the Director of Student Communications for SAAAPA.  I’m very excited to share my thoughts, insights, and knowledge about the PA profession with you readers over the next year.  Throughout the year, this blog will be updated weekly with a mix of new information about medical issues, PA school, as well as SAAAPA news.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions, suggestions, or to volunteer your own opinion!  Also, if you’re interested at all in SAAAPA (Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants), a great way to stay in touch with us is to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts!



This past May, PA-Cs and PA students convened in Washington, D.C. for AAPA’s annual conference.  During the conference, a House of Delegates and an Assembly of Representatives met to discuss issues and propose resolutions for the future administration of AAPA.  I had the opportunity to sit on the Assembly of Representatives, which consists of student representatives from each PA program in the country.  During the assembly, resolutions were proposed to direct the goals of SAAAPA for the upcoming year.  Each resolutions was discussed, debated, amended, and debated some more before being voted on.  This year 19 resolutions were proposed, and 13 of these carried vote to become incorporated into official SAAAPA policy.  Elections for new SAAAPA board directors were held the final day of the assembly.  The day after the assembly, the new SAAAPA board met for discussion and planning regarding the carried resolutions.  (Check back here in July for official 2013 resolutions and plans!)

I’d like to take the pleasure to introduce the individuals newly seated on the SAAAPA Board of Directors.  Each of the board members will be contributing to this blog periodically throughout the year.  Our current SAAAPA President is Nick Rossi from Mercer University, and the new President Elect is Melissa Ricker of East Carolina University.  Newly elected board members also include:

Chief Delegate: Tom Towle of Augsburg University

Director of Outreach: Elizabeth Prevou of George Washington University

Director of Student Communications: Annie Mullin of Union College

Regional Directors:

Mid-Atlantic: Christine Boyer of George Washington University

Northeast: Michelle Melchiorre of Pace University

Southeast: Charmeen Mack of Campbell University

North Central: Courtney McCotter of Grand Valley State University

South Central: Ashley Cole of Mississippi College

West: Sarah Davis of the University of Colorado

These students making up the new SAAAPA board are very helpful and friendly, and  more information and their contact info can be found here:


It was a great experience to sit on the assembly.  The students representing each program were energetic and radiating with inspiring opinions and ideas.  The best thing I took away from my experience at the conference was meeting and getting to know these students from other programs.  It was refreshing to get out of my little Nebraska bubble and see what other PA students across the country think about issues facing our profession!  

Aside from the Assembly of Representatives, I spent some free time enjoying the rest of AAPA’s 2013 IMPACT Conference.  I attended a couple of lectures about parasites and osteoarthritis, and shopped the exhibit hall, which was full of information and promotional freebies for PAs to take home.  The major highlight of the conference was a speech given by Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services, and a long time political advocate for PA rights.  She spoke to a packed house of about her political advocacy for PAs and our importance in the new healthcare system.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend that you become a member of AAPA and try to attend the annual conference.  Next May, the conference will take place in Boston, Massachusetts. In order to sit on the Assembly of Representatives, look to your student society at your PA program.  You can become your own program’s AOR Representative or alternate!  This will give you the opportunity to run for election to the SAAAPA board! Once again, I look forward to posting here to you and hope that you continue to read.  Please contact me anytime!

Annie Mullin, PA-S

Director of Student Communications