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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in PA School

A good night sleep during PA school. Does that statement seems like a cruel joke or an impossible feat? Well you’re in luck; it’s not impossible! There are many facets to achieving wellness during your journey through a Physician Assistant program and sleep was one that I truly struggled with when starting the clinical portion […]

Implementing a Health & Wellness Chair

Health and Wellness Chair Guide Hello PA students and PA Student Societies! SAAAPA is proud to present to you a guide designed to help your student society implement a Health & Wellness Chair position. Within the guide we have outlined the benefits of this position and provided a list of suggested duties/responsibilities. Click the hyperlink above […]

PA Student Experiences of the AAPA Conference

Kate Sistare What was the most memorable and/or rewarding part of the 2015 Conference for you? The most rewarding part of the 2015 conference is being involved in SAAAPA and knowing that the work that we did there is going to carry out an effect throughout the following year. What do you enjoy most about […]

Congratulations to The Outstanding Preceptors of Winter ’15/’16!

Congratulations and thank you to our Outstanding Preceptors, who were nominated by the PA students they taught and guided: Dawn White, ARNP. Nominated by Joyce Joseph from South University. White works in Women’s Health at Optimal Women’s Health in Tampa, FL. She is a compassionate, patient and knowledgeable preceptor who gave Joyce the knowledge, comfort […]

From the Classroom to a Half-Marathon

I would like to preface this blog post with the fact that PA school requires a lot of studying and most of my life is spent with my nose in a book; however that doesn’t mean that I don’t have 30 min to squeeze into my schedule. Prior to PA school I was always pretty […]