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Nominate Your Outstanding Preceptor Here!

Dear PA Students, Some of you are already in your Clinical Year, encountering the best and most challenging the experience has to offer.  Others have Clinicals as a looming inevitability – exciting but also, likely, quite terrifying.  Whether you’re currently in it or still preparing, one thing is certain: our Preceptors offer a great deal […]

Don’t Be A Robot

Medicine is a very technical field. It’s about making things right by doing things right. We do labs, procedures, scans, and just about anything we need to do to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Treatment must be done correctly. Surgeries must be precise and follow protocol closely and even then […]

Be An Advocate

The Physician Assistant profession has been recognized as one of the “Best Jobs in America” by CNN Money and US News & World Report, and was Forbes American Business Magazine’s #1 “Best Master’s Degree.” This is truly a great time to be entering into the PA profession! While the accolades and media recognition has generated […]

How Relevant is Mental Health in Primary Care?

by Jillian Goles, Shenandoah University PA Program Prior to PA school, I worked as a psychiatric behavioral specialist on a child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit. To make a long story short, the children I met and cared for made an incredible impact on my life. As time went on and as I started PA […]

A Student and The PA Profession: A Love Story

In a very emotional Long White Coat ceremony on May 15th, I said a few words to my graduating class, fully feeling the weight of the past and the hope of the future. I’d now like to share my story with students across the nation, in hopes that they too will follow their hearts in […]

Become A Super Provider By Studying Less!

PA school is tough. During didactic year we constantly swim through a sea of power points and names of things we can’t pronounce, where memorization is requisite. Clinical year is full of long work weeks, repeat first impressions, and finding time to study as we commute, eat lunch, and iron our white coats. Somehow through […]