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How To Study During Clinical Year

How To Study During Clinical Year By Lindsay Panbechi, PA-S Midwestern University You wake up at 4 a.m., drive an hour to your new rotation site, spend the morning on rounds, order and interpret diagnostic tests, scrub in on surgeries, work nights, spend weekends on call, suture lacerations, then try to find a few minutes to […]

The Role of the PA in Health Literacy

The Role of the PA in Health Literacy By Desiree Williams, PA-S Midwestern University While seeing a patient during an inpatient psychiatric rotation, my eyes were opened to one of the great missteps of today’s healthcare system in a very simple yet poignant way. She was there for reasons completely unrelated to her hypertension, but […]

Everyone has the chance to be a superhero!

Everyone Has the Chance to be a Superhero! This past June, the PA Class of 2015 from Barry University St. Petersburg hosted the Second Annual Bay 5K for Kids. This superhero-themed race attracted approximately 300 runners dressed in their best superhero costumes. Several volunteers from the local community, including the weatherman from Bay News 9, […]