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State of Good Health

5 Reasons You Should Get Involved with your State PA Academy!

PA Week: PA Leadership Camp in MA!

A leadership-building event planned by some PA students in Massachusetts to kick off PA week in their state!

The Great Vaccine Debate

Courtney McCotter, SAAAPA North Central Regional Director's take on the controversy over vaccinations in children.

Lighting Up: Is it hypocritical for PA students to use tobacco?

Some food for thought regarding smoking & tobacco use as a healthcare professional.

House of Delegates–Anyone Can Join!

Are you interested in learning more about the policies and procedures that help to shape the PA profession? Are you interested in networking with PAs and PA students from across the country? ┬áIf so, then I have a position for you as a House of Delegates (HOD) representative.   The House of Delegates is the […]

Read This Not That: Best Medical Books

A list of recommended medically oriented reads from PA students.