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About to Start, or Just Started PA School?

Some advice & tips for new PA students from Margie Webb of Grand Valley State University.

Staying In Shape During PA School

Article written by Alexis Patrick of Misericordia University's PA Program

Apply to Volunteer with SAAAPA Here!

The Student Academy Volunteer Group Application is now updated online. Look at the descriptions for each work group or task force to determine which is a good fit for you. Here is the link to the application: This is a great opportunity to get involved and to meet other PA students across the country! […]

Caring for those who fought for us: Medicine for Military Veterans

Caring for those who fought for us: Medicine for Military Veterans, by Anne Mullin

Impact Nationally, Act Locally: The National Service Project

The AOR passed a resolution this year in Washington D.C. to continue The National Service Project (NSP). The goal of this initiative is to motivate PA students and student societies to get involved in their communities and give them the tools they need to be a catalyst for change. NSP aims to assist PA students […]

Making Moves, Taking Action: 2013-2014 AOR Resolutions & Plans

If you are a PA student in America, this concerns you!  Last fall, your class elected an AOR representative.  You sent your rep to the AAPA Assembly of Representatives in D.C. in May.  Maybe you even wrote and sent in your own resolution.  We convened with the reps for two days.  We discussed the resolutions.  […]